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Lawn Care/Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance would involve getting on a consistent schedule with us to make sure the yard does not reach overgrowth. This also includes keeping the hedges trimmed, keeping the leaves out of the beds, edging and blowing the yard properly.

Leaf Removal

With leaf removal, we make sure that your yard is removed of all leaves that have fallen from the trees, we use paper leaf bags to bag up all of the leaves which will gather the majority of the leaves in the yard. From your preference, we can leave the bags wherever you would like and we also offer to take them with us once we are finished.


As far as "Landscaping" we only offer mulch and pine straw installation (Call for inquires). As of now, we do not do any sod installation, concreate installation, plant installation, some shrub/hedge designing, light installation but we will offer some in the future.

Debris Removal

Debris removal consists of any debris you would like to be put out to the front of the road or hauled off. Anything from trash to tree branches would fit into this category.

Small Tree Cutting

Small tree cutting consist of trees or branches with a girth less than a 12 inches. 

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