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Effectuate Services has been serving the metro area since 2018. The company started off as ARS Lawn Care and has evolved to a service for hire company. Founded by Austin Richard Singleton, Effectuate Services provides excellent services to the Low-country area. Our staff will listen to what you want done with your property and get it looking the way you want it in an appropriate and timely manner. We will make sure that our work is done Accurately, Effectively, and Efficiently. 


We've been serving the Charleston area for years and have lots of experience with lawn care, delivery driving of lawn products such as pine straw and mulch bags, furniture moving and pressure washing. Do you have a certain way you want your yard to look? Is your yard full of leaves or need to get those leaves blown off the drive way? 

Call or email us to book an appointment today to get any of your property issues taken cared of.



"I started this Business because Lawn Care is what I do best and I believe that it is a work of art if done correctly. With the help of my family, friends, mentors, and community I believe that we can satisfy any customer needs. I am a simple African American Male who has been passed the torch of a family business that I hope to one day give to my children."


We currently only have the owner actively working in the Lawn care Service. So if there is a delay in response we are sorry for the inconvenience.